opportunity for succes and growth

Thursday 21 April 2016

Spring in Business and Charity

Due to promising business progress we have good news. As well as the flower in the incoming spring, our business is blooming...

First of all, we carry on in our business way, dealing with finance affairs and providing our clients with professional service. Due to our success and rising stock and shares, we are now focused primary on investment (mostly so called "Life-Cycle Investment Programs)" and mortgages (and following service). We have many achievements and our company grows stronger and better.

We extended the cooperation in charity, as well. We collaborate with "Home Palliative Care Agency" Most k domovu here in Prague. We have mutual projects. We consider to be very important to have aa opportunity to share our success with people in need, in particular with patients, suffering incurable desease. 

We continue in support of Zimbabwean village Tengenenge, prov. Midlands, Zimbabwe. Thanks to the support, we gained more than 600 USD per year. If you want to have very original sculpture in your office or living room, please feel free to contact us and we will arrange the whole trade. 

We have new aims, which we are going to achieve in half 2016 and many new ideas... Let's set on togehter!


Tuesday 22 September 2015

The New Dimension of Beauty

We are pleased to introduce our new business partner, Mr. Libor Linhart, goldsmith and jeweler. His company "Zlatnictví Linhart" has been is one of the first private goldsmiths in Prague after socialism in Czech republic collapsed in 1989. Since 1989, he has been one of the most famous in Prague.

He creates outstanding jewelry, as well as wedding rings and now, he expand his sortiment again - very fine moldavit jewelry. All his work is strictly handmade, custom-made. Mr. Linhart cooperates with all main Czech jewelry companies. VSBC belongs to many satisfied clients, so please let us recommend his work and art.


Wednesday 9 September 2015

News in VSBP - Company In Progress!

We are very pleased to introduce two great business events.

First of all, we welcomed in VSBP two new members Mrs. Seidenglancova and Mrs. Vesela are great empowerment in our business deals. We wish all good, mutualy perfect cooperation and friendly work environment. They are now at the very beginning of their career and have just started the business training in MyPlans CZ. Even now we can see their talent and eager to work, so we can just wait for their succes!

Secondly, we spread our charitiy area and bound the cooperation with Most k Domovu, Medical Institute for Palliative Medicine and Home Care. We coordinate new projects and tak√© this fantastic opportunity to spread comfort for people, who suffer incurable deseases and their life terminate.
Something ends, something starts. We all are between this two sides of one coin. Let us live our lifes the best way we can!

Tuesday 19 May 2015

New Member of Our Team!

We are pleased to state that we accepted new member of our team in Prague. Mrs. Katerina Cajanova is the winner of the selection process. We are happy to extend our lines and wish all good in our business!

We are heading new achievments, mostly in the areas of mortgages and health insurence. In those two areas we seek the biggest changes in terms of interest rate and insurence conditions (extending of covered disease and cut-price).

Furthermore, in close cooperation with MyPlans CZ, we launched the new product groups, which are to be arranged to doctors, young families and sportsmen. Newly we preparing a special group for businessmen, as well. Please feel free to visit our product website:

VS Business Party is pleased to see the growth and development of the company. Let me say that the quality of service is the best advertisement and proof of our good job, indeed! 

Thursday 9 April 2015

New Cooperation in Charitative Area

Last week we started new project in our "charitative" area. We launched cooperation with Hospital Institute Most k Domovu, o. s., which is focused on patients witch incurable deseases. We can together make quite a good progress, for we have a great deal of free area. In close cooperation with Millitary and Hospitaler Order of Saint Lazarus, we are begining new activity of good.

We bear on our mind that our fine business succes may be interrupted by any health or life disaster, our responsibility is to help to other people, who get into such situation of desease. Now, we can fund one hospital chaplain, co-finance the working and invest our time in this new service. Let all our activities (business and charitative) grows!

Tuesday 10 March 2015

The "Dragon's Session" for children in Ujezd

A perfect session was held during the weeked. Using our connections with local authorities and Bastler Isurence Company, we arranged a children's fairy-tale carnival in Uvaly, near Prague.

We borrowed a mask of a dragon (the dragon is a icon of Bastler Ins. Comp.) and made a terryfying dragon, seeking for a princess. Although we are all adult enough, but hey, just let us play!

We arranged happy dance, a fairy-tale forest and many following comeptitions. Children were happy and we, as the organizers, indeed for we became children again!

Tuesday 17 February 2015


My personal motto for my whole VS Business Party effort is simple:

"My goal is not to make money for money. My goal is to secure me and my family so that we can live as we want."  

Mgr. Vojtech Smetana
leading manager, co-founder